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10 Best TV BRANDS In Bangladesh

Navigating the sea of television brands in Bangladesh can feel like a daunting task, can't it? You're searching for that perfect combination of advanced technology, clear picture quality, and, of course, a price that fits your budget. Finding the ideal TV is no small feat, considering the myriad of choices you have, each with its unique promises and offerings. You may be asking, "Which are the top TV brands in Bangladesh?" or "What features should I look for in a TV?" We're here to help you answer those questions. In this discussion, we will explore and compare the top ten TV brands available in Bangladesh, shedding light on their distinctive features and benefits. So, are you ready to embark on this journey to find your perfect TV match? Let's get started.

Best TV Brand In Bangladesh In 2024

If you're in the market for a new TV in 2024, you'd want to know about the best TV brand in Bangladesh. As you may be aware, the country's tech scene is booming, with several top brands vying for attention. Among them, Walton, a local manufacturer, has emerged as a winner.

Known for its high-quality smart TVs, Walton's products also boast impressive features like 4K resolution, AI capabilities, and connectivity options. You'd appreciate the brand's focus on innovation, evident in its state-of-the-art models. Additionally, Walton's TVs are affordable, which is a big plus if you're budget-conscious.

But that's not all. You'd also be supporting a homegrown brand, contributing to the local economy. So, while you're enjoying your favorite shows in crystal clear quality, you're also doing your bit for Bangladesh.

Remember though, the best brand for you depends on your individual needs and budget. You might prefer another brand's offerings over Walton. So, take your time, do your research, and find the TV that best fits your needs. After all, you're not just buying a TV, you're investing in your entertainment future.

Things To Consider Beofore Buying TV In Bangladesh

While choosing between brands like Walton is important, there's more to consider when buying a TV in Bangladesh. It's not just about the brand, but also about what suits your needs and budget.

Firstly, consider the size of the TV. You'll need a larger one for a spacious living room, but a smaller one might be better for a bedroom or small apartment. It's always best to measure the space where you'll put the TV to ensure it fits.

Secondly, think about resolution. High-definition TVs offer sharper images, but they also cost more. If you're a movie buff or gamer, it might be worth the investment; otherwise, a standard-resolution TV could be sufficient.

Thirdly, check out the TV's smart features, like internet connectivity and built-in streaming apps. These are handy for accessing online content, but if you don't plan to use them, why pay for them?

Lastly, consider the TV's energy efficiency. TVs can be power-hungry, so an energy-efficient model can save you money in the long run.


Among the top TV brands in Bangladesh, Samsung stands out for its state-of-the-art features and innovative technology. You'll find that Samsung TVs offer not only a high-quality picture but also a wide range of sizes and features to fit any home or budget.

Samsung's Smart TVs are particularly popular, offering you internet connectivity and access to a vast array of online content. You'll be spoiled for choice with streaming services, social media platforms, and even online shopping available at your fingertips. They've also integrated voice control features, allowing you to command your TV with just your voice.

What's more, Samsung's commitment to innovation is evident in their QLED and 4K UHD TVs, which deliver incredibly crisp, clear images. You'll be immersed in your favorite shows and movies like never before.

But what sets Samsung apart isn't just their superior technology. It's also their customer service. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, you can count on their support team to help you out.


Just as Samsung has made a name for itself in Bangladesh, LG is another brand that's earned its spot as one of the top TV manufacturers in the country. You've likely heard of LG, a South Korean multinational electronics company known for its innovative technology and high-quality products.

In Bangladesh, LG's TVs are highly sought after for their superior picture quality, user-friendly interfaces, and durable designs. Whether you're a movie buff, a sports fan, or an avid gamer, LG has a TV to suit your needs. They offer a range of TVs, from standard HD models to the more advanced 4K and OLED TVs, providing you with a variety of options to choose from.

What sets LG apart is its commitment to customer satisfaction. They provide excellent after-sales service, ensuring that you're not left high and dry once you've made your purchase. If you're looking for a TV brand that combines quality, innovation, and customer care, LG is a solid choice in Bangladesh. Remember, the perfect TV for you depends on your individual needs and preferences, so take your time when making your decision.


Often overlooked, Walton is a Bangladeshi brand that's making waves in the TV market with its high-quality, affordable offerings. You might be surprised to learn that Walton is up there with renowned global brands when it comes to delivering top-notch television technology.

Here's why you should consider Walton for your next TV purchase:

  1. Quality: Walton TVs are known for their exceptional picture and sound quality. They're equipped with the latest technology to ensure you get the best viewing experience.
  2. Price: Compared to international brands, Walton offers excellent value for money. You'll get a high-quality TV without the hefty price tag.
  3. Innovation: Walton isn't afraid to innovate. They're constantly updating their products to keep up with the latest trends and technologies.
  4. Customer Service: Walton places a high value on customer satisfaction. They offer excellent after-sales service, ensuring you get the help you need when you need it.


While you're exploring TV brands in Bangladesh, don't overlook Singer, a trusted name known for its impressive range of televisions. This brand has a reputation for delivering high-quality products, which is why it's a popular choice among Bangladeshi consumers.

Singer's TVs are renowned for their durable build and excellent picture quality. They've got a range of models, from basic ones for those on a budget, to high-end smart TVs with the latest technology. Whether you're a movie buff or a sports fan, there's a Singer TV that'll suit your needs perfectly.

The brand also excels in after-sales service. They've got a wide network of service centers across the country, so you won't have to worry about maintenance or repairs. Singer's customer-centric approach is one of the reasons it has such a loyal customer base in Bangladesh.


Moving on from Singer, you'll find that Panasonic is another brand that's made a significant impact in the Bangladeshi TV market. Panasonic's reputation for quality and innovation has made it a popular choice among consumers.

  1. Quality: Panasonic TVs are known for their excellent quality. They offer high-definition displays that provide clear and vivid images. You'll find that the color accuracy and contrast are top-notch, making for an immersive viewing experience.
  2. Innovation: Panasonic constantly updates their technology to stay ahead of the curve. They've introduced features like 4K resolution and smart TV functionality, which allow you to enjoy a variety of content in the best possible quality.
  3. Durability: Panasonic TVs are built to last. They're made with high-quality materials and have a robust build, ensuring they can withstand the test of time.
  4. Customer Service: Panasonic offers great customer service. If you ever run into any issues with your TV, you'll find their support team is quick to help and resolve the problem.


If you're looking for a TV that merges state-of-the-art technology with sophisticated design, Sony is a brand you can't ignore in Bangladesh. Sony TVs are renowned for their high picture quality, innovative features, and sleek designs. They're built to impress, not just with their looks, but also with their performance.

Sony's range includes a variety of models, from affordable HD TVs to high-end 4K and OLED TVs. These TVs come packed with smart features like Internet connectivity, voice recognition, and the ability to stream content from popular platforms like Netflix and YouTube.

They're not just TVs, they're complete entertainment systems. Whether you're a movie buff, a sports fan, or a gamer, there's a Sony TV for you.

To give you a better idea, here's a table listing some of the popular Sony TV models available in Bangladesh:

Sony TV Model Key Features
Bravia X800H 4K HDR, Android TV, Voice Search
Bravia KDL-32W600D HD Ready, Smart TV, X-Reality Pro
Bravia KD-55X7000G 4K, Smart TV, ClearAudio+


Although Sony is a household name, don't overlook OnePlus, a brand that's quickly gaining traction in the Bangladesh TV market with its value-packed offerings. OnePlus is making waves with its innovative technology and affordable pricing, proving a fierce contender for even the most established brands.

When you're considering a OnePlus TV, there are a few key features you should be aware of.

  1. Outstanding Picture Quality: OnePlus TVs offer QLED panels, ensuring vibrant colors and sharp images. You're in for a visual treat.
  2. Smart TV Functionality: With Android TV as a base, OnePlus offers an easy-to-use interface, a vast app library, and Google Assistant voice control. It's more than a TV; it's a smart home hub.
  3. Sound System: OnePlus doesn't skimp on sound. Their TVs come with Dolby Atmos support, delivering cinematic audio right in your living room.
  4. Design: OnePlus TVs flaunt a sleek, minimalistic design. They're not only high performers but also add a touch of elegance to your space.


In the realm of affordable yet high-quality televisions, Vizio is a brand you can't ignore. Known for its diverse range of televisions, from simple HD TVs to state-of-the-art 4K models, Vizio offers something for every budget and preference.

Vizio's SmartCast technology is what sets it apart from the competition. Imagine being able to control your TV, browse content, and even manage other smart devices in your home, all from your TV's remote. It's not just about convenience, it's about making your life simpler.

Not to mention, Vizio prides itself on offering TVs with superior picture quality. You'll find their color accuracy and contrast are impressive, delivering a viewing experience that's truly immersive. And with their sleek, modern designs, Vizio TVs don't just perform well, they look good doing it.

Vizio is also committed to sustainability. They've taken steps to reduce their environmental impact, like using energy-efficient technology and recyclable packaging. So, when you buy a Vizio TV, you're not just getting a great product, you're supporting a company that cares about the planet.


While Vizio has made a name for itself with its high-quality offerings and eco-friendly approach, another brand that's caught the attention of Bangladeshi consumers is TCL. You'll find that TCL TVs offer an excellent balance of price and performance, providing a valuable option for those wanting a great television experience without breaking the bank.

Here's why you should consider TCL:

  1. Quality: TCL TVs offer high-resolution displays, ensuring you get a crystal clear picture every time.
  2. Smart Features: TCL's smart TVs come with in-built Roku, giving you access to thousands of channels and streaming content.
  3. Energy Efficiency: TCL takes pride in its energy-efficient models, helping you reduce your environmental footprint and save on electricity bills.
  4. Affordability: Compared to other brands, TCL TVs tend to be more affordable, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers.


Switching gears, let's delve into 'Minister', a local brand that's making waves in the television market in Bangladesh. As a homegrown brand, Minister understands your needs and preferences like no other. It's made significant strides in offering quality televisions that fit within a reasonable budget.

Minister's TVs are known for their exceptional picture quality. With high-definition screens, they make your favorite shows and movies more enjoyable. Their TVs are also equipped with features like USB connectivity, HDMI inputs, and built-in Wi-Fi, bringing you the convenience you'd expect from higher-end models.

The brand's commitment to quality doesn't stop at their products. They've got an extensive after-sales service network throughout Bangladesh, so you can rest easy knowing you're covered if anything goes wrong.

But what sets Minister apart is its affordability. Despite the high quality, they've managed to keep prices accessible for the average Bangladeshi consumer. This has made them a popular choice among locals, who appreciate the value for money Minister provides.

In a nutshell, if you're looking for a reliable, high-quality TV that won't break the bank, you can't go wrong with Minister. It's truly a brand that delivers on its promise of quality and affordability.


So, you've got a wealth of options when it comes to choosing a TV brand in Bangladesh. From international giants like Samsung and Sony to local favorites like Walton and Minister, each brand offers unique features, quality, and value for money. There's a TV brand out there for every consumer, whether you're a tech-savvy enthusiast or a budget-conscious buyer.

Before making your decision, consider these four points:

  1. Budget: Determine how much you're willing to spend. Higher-end brands usually come with a steeper price tag, but they often provide superior quality and features.
  2. Features: Consider what's most important to you. Is it a high-definition display? Smart TV capabilities? Or perhaps energy efficiency?
  3. Brand reputation: Look into the brand's reputation for quality and customer service. Reviews and ratings can provide valuable insight.
  4. Warranty: Don't overlook the warranty. It's essential protection for your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Warranty Periods Offered by These Top TV Brands in Bangladesh?

You're curious about warranty periods, aren't you? Well, each brand has its own policy. Some offer a 1-year warranty while others might extend up to 2-3 years. It's best to check directly with the brand or the retailer. They'll provide you with accurate information. Remember, warranties can be a deciding factor when you're making a purchase. So, don't forget to ask about it.

What Kind of Customer Service Do These TV Brands Provide in Bangladesh?

You're wondering about the customer service these brands offer, right? Well, they're known for their excellent support. You'd find they have dedicated customer service centers throughout the country. You can reach them via phone, email, or even live chat. They're always ready to help with any issues, whether it's installation, technical difficulties, or warranty claims. So, you don't have to worry much about after-sales service when you buy from them.

Are There Any Installment Payment Options Available for These TV Brands in Bangladesh?

Imagine you're shopping for a TV, eager but budget-conscious. Yes, many top TV brands in Bangladesh do offer installment payment options. It's like a breath of fresh air, isn't it? You don't have to empty your pockets all at once. You can enjoy your favorite shows on a brand new TV while paying for it in manageable chunks. It's a win-win situation. Always remember to check the details with the retailer though.

How Have These TV Brands Adapted to the Local Market Needs in Bangladesh?

You'd notice these brands have tailored their offerings to local needs. They've focused on providing affordable, energy-efficient models, considering frequent power outages. Also, they've incorporated Bangla language interfaces and regional content. Some even offer after-sales services and installment payment options, understanding the financial constraints of many consumers. It's clear these brands are striving to meet the unique demands of the Bangladesh market.

Do These TV Brands Also Offer Smart TVs in Bangladesh?

Oh, you bet they do! Who'd want a regular TV when you can have a smart one, right? These TV brands didn't just set foot in Bangladesh to play games. They're in with the full package, offering smart TVs that'll make you feel like you're living in the future. So, yes, they do provide smart TVs, and pretty awesome ones at that! It's like having a tech wizard right in your living room.

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